The big tech giants pose an existential threat to conservative media. The transition to digital media has ravaged the news business, with advertising revenue plummeting as Google and Facebook dominate the online ad market. News publishers have lost tens of billions in revenue and tens of thousands of journalists have lost their jobs.

Google and Facebook—the Duopoly—control 63% of all digital ad spending in the US according to the State of Digital Media. Next 5 are also massive tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Oath, Twitter, and Snap) and they control another 12%. Amazon is the fastest growing digital advertiser outside the Duopoly, boosting its own digital ad revenue by more than 60% in 2018.

Everyone outside these digital goliaths only has 25% of digital ad revenue in the U.S., a share that is shrinking because Google and Facebook account for 90% of all new digital ad revenue

It is rumored that Google could soon announce a shift in how its Chrome browser treats third party cookies, which could have a devastating effect on conservative news.  Instead of being able to sell their own advertising, conservative news sites could be forced to sell their advertising inventory through Google and Facebook’s ad platforms.  Not only is this a serious antitrust issue, but Google and Facebook have shown a deep-seated and unabashed conservative bias.  If left unchecked, these tech companies could determine the fate of conservative news on the Internet.

Fortunately, Congress at the Department of Justice can protect conservative speech.   Tell Congress that blocking third party cookies is not a privacy issue, it is a calculated attack on online publishers designed to increase Google’s marketshare.

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